Number 1:
Sam Masters

Date of Birth: 23/05/1991

Age: 26

Birth Place: Newcastle, NSW

Nationality: Australian

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Sam Masters will captain the Border Roofing Monarchs for 2016 and will start the season at number 1 in the lineup.

Remarkably he is the only remaining member of the brilliant 2014 team, and goes into his third term as a Monarch next summer.

He says “If I can get a high nine or 10-point average for Monarchs in 2016, I’d be stoked. I know I can do it, I won’t be surprised, but I’ll be happy if I can.

“I’m happy to be riding for Wolves as well. In 2013 when I couldn’t get my visa, I should have been riding for Wolves and Edinburgh, and I felt that was going to be a good year. So finally I’m doing that next year and I want to progress more than I have.

“Last year I started good, next year I want the whole year to be good. Probably next year I might go full time Elite, I might have done it this year but I got held up with injuries which held me back a bit. If I’d kept riding the way I was before I got injured there was no reason I couldn’t have done that this year. But I’m happy with another year in the Premier League, Elite League, a few meetings in Denmark and most of the matches in Poland.

“Denmark race matches on a Friday which makes life a bit harder but I’d like to do everything I can in Poland.”

One change will be Sam’s base which will be down south. “I’ll be staying in Hinkley this year, between Coventry and Leicester. I need to find some good mechanics, or maybe Robbie will be able to spend a bit more time, because I’m not going to be able to do it. I’ll have Edinburgh Friday, possible a meeting Saturday, travel to Poland Sunday and Wolves Monday.

“I’ve been on to it every day but finding the right one is hard. I don’t just want one that’s good at working. I get along with Robbie, he’s good at what he does and we get along, I want anyone else I use to be like that so that we can have a good time.

“I don’t know when I’ll be over, I’ll think about that after the Aussie titles. The bikes I’ve got I’ll use again this year, I don’t need to build a new bike, just put some new stuff on them.”

During the Australian season Sam has finished runner-up in the Australian Championship for the second season running.